This is a product that allows you to pour your heart and soul into, to build what were pieces of wood and parts into a glamorous art. Featuring detailed 3D models, it is an all-in-one kit to let you assemble and put together mini structures of various rooms, shops and houses, inside you will find all the materials and guidelines to show you the way. 

You can find almost all the types of house and shops you want, from the European front to the summer beach houses that fully resembles the actual model. Don’t take it lightly on this masterpiece as you’d have to intricately stack those floor panels for your staircase or just to sew that pillow that sits in your lovely living room. It will be a time to cherish with your loved ones, or better yet a gift of heart and affection.

C001-Free Time Coffee C004-Captain Bar C005-Our Tea House
Full House Musical Summer Spring Romance
The-Coffee Cabin D011-Sweet Coffee Shop Stardust Pub
D14-Roommate's Memory M001-Ellie's Room M008-Andy's Room
M10-Brandon's Room M011-Hemiola's Room M012-Family Hall
T001-Page Story