Paint Art



Trying to be that Picaso you’ve always wanted to be? With Paint By Number Kit, you can come close to finding yourself painting a work of art without much hardship or stress. It all starts with a plain white canvas with the entire outline of the picture drawn onto it, the brilliant design here is that each segment or section of the image is numbered; I can see that you’re almost getting the idea here.

You’re then presented with your tool set, mainly an array of little paint canisters that correspond to the numbers marked on the canvas. The rest you would need is to have great fun and excitement when you gradually fill up the gaps and complete the lovely image. Just a thought, won’t you want your guests to find out that the main photo hanging on the living room wall is actually a creation by you?

Setor - Armenian Street Penang Setor - Chew Jetty Penang Louis Gan - Bangkok Lane in Pulau Tikus Penang