Miniature Kit

Miniature Kit - Furniture

1181001-Piano 1181002-Desk & Chair Set 1181003-Desk & Chair Set 1181004-Two-Seat Sofa 1181005-One-Seat Sofa
1181006-Baby Cot 1181008-Highback Chair 1181010-Dining Table for 4 1181011-Queen Sized Bed 1181012-Workspace Table & Chair Set
1181013-Dining Table for 2 1181014-TV Console Set 1181015-Chest of Drawer Set 1181016-Chest of Drawer Set

Miniature Kit - Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y) Accessories

1182001-Chest of Drawer 1182002-Chest of Drawer 1182003-Storage Box 1182004-Violin & Violin Case 1182007-Bed Side Table
1182008-Coffee Table 1182009-Side Table 1182010-Wall Shelve 1182011-Shelving Unit 1182012-Shelving Unit
1182013-Storage Box-Single 1182016-Window 1182017-Pet's Corner 1182018-Wall Shelve 1182019-Tote Bag
1182021-Coffee Table 1182022-Wall Deco 1182023-Side Table 1182024-Side Table 1182025-Side Table
1182026-Side Table 1182027-Wall Shelve 1182028-Bookend 1182029-Shelving Unit-4 Compartments 1182030-Chair
1182031-Chair 1182032-Rocking Horse

Miniature Kit - Ready Made Accessories

1183001-Books 1183003-Vase & Flower 1183004-Wall Picture & Frame 1183005-Wall Picture & Frame 1183006-Alphabet Set
1183007-Window 1183008-Window 1183009-Decoration Figurine 1183010-Decoration Figurine 1183011-Decoration Figurine
1183013-Blackboard 1183014-Handbag & Hat 1183015-Vase & Flower 1183016-Vase & Flower 1183017-Window
1183018-Dog Figurine 1183019-Vase & Flower 1183020-Bag 1183021-Bag 1183022-Bag

Miniature Kit - Base & Wallpaper

1184001-L Shape Base, Wood Border, 4 Wallpaper (200,201), 2 Flooring Paper (300,301)

Miniature Kit - Wallpaper

1185001A-8 Wallpaper (202,203,100,101), 4 Flooring (302,303) 1185001B-8 Wallpaper (204,205,102,103), 4 Flooring (302,303) 1185001C-8 Wallpaper (206,207,104,105), 4 Flooring (302,303)