CALAFANT is focused on a child’s need for creative play. The company has the and recyclable cardboard material specially produced to ensure high quality for children to freely decorate and safely play. Many small details reveal the great thought that went into the development of each model. With the included illustrated instructions, the toys can be built easily without glue, thanks to a clever fold-and-slot system. Since play and storage space is often an issue, each toy can be folded away for storage. Children can create their very own imaginative play worlds with CALAFANT toys. Recent studies show how important it is for children to express their creativity. Not only is it fun, but according to the Transfer Centre for Neurological Sciences and Learning in Ulm, Germany, it allows children to become smarter and promotes individual thinking. Smart toys for smart kids!  

+recyclable       +easy to build       +sturdy



A real innovation and only at CALAFANT : Easy Lock

The redeveloped new Easy Lock system from CALAFANT makes the assembling even easier. Due to the new hooks with improved clamp effect the assembled cardboard toys become even more stable at playing. The hook remains dimensionally stable after numerous assembling and tear-down. Of course also for the new innovative Easy Lock system glue is not necessary. Easy Lock – Easy Play


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