About Us

A name that is in itself unique, bearing the meaning of present in Spanish, PRE-SEN-TE is renowned for being the essence of a special gift shop in the busy city for the busy people. PRE-SEN-TE showcases to the world fresh gifts & souvenirs in the long line of years in the gifts industry, delivering the unexpected to the numerous expectants. 

Our goal in PRE-SEN-TE is to be the different and distinctive player that stands out in the market, fulfilling our customers’ needs of finding that needle in the haystack they have been relentlessly searching for. Being both the entrepreneur and originator of PRE-SEN-TE and its products, we as owners are a wonderful couple that conveys the utmost care and undivided service, the kind that exemplifies great passion to touch the heart and warmth the soul.
To be the shining diamond among the pile of rocks, PRE-SEN-TE gives the world a fresh look at an old scene. Most of our products are built from scratch, crafting each & every intricate detail of every piece. Exceeding our customers’ demands has been our pride and dream, we have surveyed the already prevalent gift market, to see that the gifts outlook requires a change. That’s where PRE-SEN-TE comes into the picture, we let our customers come and go, leaving a deep impression etched on their minds. People coming into our shop will most definitely ask the question “What is this interesting item? What does this do?” Rest assured that you are in good hands as we will walk you through each detail, we uphold not only quality but also integrity. The best part of it is we will transform your time in PRE-SEN-TE into an exceptional & exclusive shopping experience.
PRE-SEN-TE offers customers the chance of putting their own touches to the products. Our handmade musical boxes are truly one of its kind, a customer can make their own by choosing a tune to be inserted into the box, and be played to the most fortunate to receive this special gift. Some gifts are meant for display, some for keepsake and some for carrying around. PRE-SEN-TE makes an unusual turn at this by giving people a chance to receive a gift that they can work on, and finally be able to put it on display. This is a paint kit where customers do their own painting to a guided canvas, fully equipped with the tools and materials necessary. A creation one can proclaim as his own to be later framed and hung.
Like a famous cake shop, PRE-SEN-TE does not go though any extensive advertisements or marketing. Our customers just keep coming through spreading the word, we often see old customers bringing along their friends and family on their subsequent trips to our humble outlet. Have said that, we are not at all unknown to the world, we have been promoted by many daily papers including Sin Chew Daily, NanYang Daily, the Apartment Magazine and Berita Harian. The latest entry to our vast range of publicity was our interview by the Star Publications on our much appealing Miniature Art, go PRE-SEN-TE!
Lastly, if you happen to ask what the key success to our business is, we can proudly say that it is in our personal touch in building our products from nothing. This is what empowers us to go for that extra mile as customers are the one we cherish the most.
Present World Sdn Bhd
LG39A, Lower Ground Floor
Ikano Power Center, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor