Welcome to PRE-SEN-TE!

A name that is in itself unique, bearing the meaning of present in Spanish, PRE-SEN-TE is renowned for being the essence of a special gift shop in the busy city for the busy people. PRE-SEN-TE showcases to the world fresh gifts & souvenirs in the long line of years in the gifts industry, delivering the unexpected to the numerous expectants. 

Our goal in PRE-SEN-TE is to be the different and distinctive player that stands out in the market, fulfilling our customers’ needs of finding that needle in the haystack they have been relentlessly searching for. Being both the entrepreneur and originator of PRE-SEN-TE and its products, we as owners are a wonderful couple that conveys the utmost care and undivided service, the kind that exemplifies great passion to touch the heart and warmth the soul.



D.I.Y Miniature Kit

Paint by Number Kit

1:18 Miniature Kit

Paint by Number Kit

Paper Craft

D.I.Y Sewing Kit


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